Why Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a safe and structured method and a rapport between client and the Hypnotherapist. Here we use Hypnosis to address and interact with issues, which the client brings to each Hypnotherapy session.

Human Mind is divided into the Conscious mind and Subconscious mind. Our Conscious mind contains logic, rationalization, willpower, and short-term memory. It is the smaller area of our mind, which is said to account for 10% of our mental capacity.

Our Subconscious mind is the larger part, sealed and gated by critical factors of the Conscious mind. It contains all permanent memory, habits, and programming to generate emotions, intuition, and so on. Intuitive wisdom and creativity (some call this the Higher Self) are also important functions of the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy relaxes your critical factor and enables the access to this Subconscious realm of your mind.

The hypnotherapist is like a guide who facilitates the hypnotic process. You can enter or exit the hypnotic state anytime you wish; therefore, you will not “get stuck” or lose control in hypnosis. Through our skilled guidance and your courage to remain open, we can utilize the hypnotic state as a powerful place for transformation and healing.

Most of the dis-eased state is created by carrying emotions and hurts which we are unable to release and resolve. These hurts and memories, connected to strong emotions, whether real or perceived, are stored in our subconscious minds. Mentally remembering them or being exposed to the same situations and people , generating the same feelings, emotions and hurts, makes them accumulate over a period of time, which creates an energy potential that disturbs the equanimity and balance of the mental, emotional and the physical body. This increased negative energy potential, in turn create blockages in the systems which keep us healthy and at ease (dis-ease free).  Ultimately, they prevent us from moving on. And that generate disease.

Unlocking past blockages is an important step in hypnotherapy. By using hypnosis, we can go back to the original hurt and change out perception of it. Instead of seeing it as some awful truth, we can see it as a learning experience which, helped us grow, but which no longer needs to effect us in the same way.

Also, to release past blockages, we must forgive. Since forgiving can be difficult in some situations Consciously but, when we access to its reasons and come to term with this huge question “Why Me”? with the help of our Subconscious mind’s information Forgiveness just happens. We must forgive and let go, releasing all negativity. Which we can easily do under a Hypnotic state, because it gives us the real feeling.

What hypnosis is not?
Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are not magical states or forms of mind control, they are natural processes, which have been utilized for deep relaxation, inner guidance, healing and counseling since early human civilization.

Hypnosis does not take control of your thoughts, nor can the hypnotherapist “force” you to reveal information, Though it is encouraged to be truth full cause the more truthful you are the better process of healing will be.

A Hypnotherapist has no power over you while in trance. You can bring yourself out of trance at any time and you can choose to re-enter the hypnotic state just as easily.

Hypnosis does not erase your memories, nor can the hypnotherapist create “new” memories. You will not “bark like a dog” or “cluck around the office like a chicken”  This is not hypnotherapy.

 With Hypnotherapy, you can achieve a balance between your body, mind and spirit and live a better satisfying life.