Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Purpose of Life:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I doing here?
  • \What this life is all about?
  • Why I am here?
  • What is the purpose of my life?Questions which sooner or later start coming over but no answer??
    Not any more. Hypnotherapy takes you to the corridor where these answers are available for you.

    Our ultimate goal is to raise our energy in order to reach at the frequency of God Energy, But the question is how?what is the path decided by us in order to get free from our Karmic debts — lighten the load and not create more to come again. So what Blue print did we choose before we landed here? Cause we all need to deal with different kind of learnings so we define our Birth plan accordingly.

    But then why don’t we remember that, Well thats the Fun So come to Hypnotherapy and Find out.

Life Script Change:

Before coming to this planet earth we have decided our Life Script. I understand Lots of questions are coming to your mind. How about very painful lives, people who go through so much misery poverty why would anybody will choose that??? The answer is Yes even that is being decided and chosen by people. And what more it can be changed too.

We work on 8 (eight) areas of Life to change the Life script.

Social Life
However, every change brings the whole equation change in Life. So I have combined it with one NLP process Which I call “Future Acclimatisation” Means before one’s script is changed one can assess what else will be change to accommodate or accelerate the outcome of this change. on the basis of that one decides if one is willing to change his/her Life Script. And then we go ahead with it.
In deep trance it is such an amazing process and its results are so accurate and powerful.
It is a deeply spiritual process which shows us how this whole world is really thought created world. And how full of Light and Wisdom we all are.

Past life Regression Therapy (PLRT):

Well one of the ways to go about that. I mean about Purpose of our life.  and many a times we use this tool for client when any of there issues takes them  there. while therapy is going on.
The Asian countries and their people completely believe in reincarnation, though if we research in detail, we find that the concept of rebirth has been there among all people in the world. Now more people in the Americas and Europe are believing in rebirth/reincarnation.
Most of humanity believes that the soul or spirit is a part of God and is indestructible. We are all eternal beings. We grow spiritually by going through different  lives and learning lessons chosen by us.

Past life regression is the ability of a person to access the memories of lives lived earlier than the current birth. This is known as being regressed back in time. You can access your past life memories by taking the help of a hypnotherapist, for therapeutic reasons or may be just out of curiosity.
Regression is used in hypnotherapy as a diagnostic tool in order to find the cause of some current life problem that a client is seeking to resolve. A client, under hypnosis, is regressed back to his or her previous life or lives to situations or events which has/have a cause for the current life trauma, pain, emotional problem, or relationship issue, etc.

After diagnosis comes the ‘past life therapy‘.

First of all, using past life regression, identification of cause or reason for recurring patterns within this lifetime, that are making current life difficult, producing negative effects, or interfering with your health and well being, is determined.
We then use, what we have identified, to seek out the beginning of this pattern. We utilize this pattern as the guide or vehicle as we journey into the past to find an experience that strongly typifies or is even the very origin of this problem. The beginning of this destructive/disturbing pattern may or may not be located within this lifetime, we may find ourselves in a recent or not so recent past lifetime.

Once the cause/source is determined, a qualified  past life regression therapist can help you overcome that situation.
e.g…. Cases of Asthma have been found to have their origin in past life, where the person suffering died due to ‘stoppage of breath’ due to any reason, it could be by drowning, hanged, burnt, choked, strangulated, etc.. The present life situation, at a particular time and conditions (could be weather, pollens, dust, etc.) triggers this memory of past life. Then the mind wants the person to breathe harder to protect him/her, causing breathing problems.

Medicines do give relief/support but healing?

Life between Lives Therapy (LBLRT):

What is ‘Life Between Life Regression’?

Once we believe in souls and their journey, we need to understand that in between births, the soul must be spending ‘earth time somewhere’. Though it is not normal for a person to ask the following questions, many do think about it and wonder where they were.

Where is this space/place, where we spend time between lives? 

What do we do there? And then 

‘Why do we choose to be reborn?’ 

‘Life between Life regresion therapy’ is a hypnosis intervention, where the client can experience this space and what the soul did there, before current birth. If disturbed and unable to understand your situation, it can help you to understand yourself and your situation of pain better. It enables you to learn about the people who are around you, who have chosen to give you that experience, so that you are able to learn your lesson that you had planned to learn from the current life situation.

Cause: There arise many situations in life where an individual wonders ‘why me, God?

All who have undergone these sessions have generated a new perspective about their situation and felt more empowered to cope and handle their situation in life.