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Undiagnosed Pains/ Asthma/ Sleep Disorder/ Childlessness/  Stammering/ Quit Smoking/ Performance Enhancement/

Undiagnosed Pains

Many a time number of people experience pains in various parts of the body, but when they go to a medical doctor and/or get MRI or CT Scan done, no cause is discovered.

In such cases they keep taking various drugs given by medical doctors, the pains do reduce with the drugs, but they have to take the drugs continuously. The cause of the pains is not determined. Medical science calls it psychosomatic pains.
But there must be a cause because there is the ‘effect’ of the pain.
Who can answer this question better than your own subconscious, which knows everything about you?
So, when you are under the hypnotic trance the hypnotherapist can help you get the answers/information from the subconscious about the cause of the pain. Once the cause is known, the hypnotherapist can use his knowledge and skills to remove/heal the cause and so heal the pain.

Why drug your body if you can help yourself with a drugless therapy for pain?Drugs have their own side effects, and we do not know what these side effects are for ‘YOU’, because you are a unique person on earth.

Asthma / Breathing Issues

Many people experience this extremely debilitating condition when a person is short of breath. The severity is unique for an individual in different situations. The gasping for breath when a person feels air is not reaching the lungs to give life sustaining oxygen, can really be traumatic.
But how many of us are aware that asthma can be/is caused by the triggering of a memory of a past life wherein the person died under a situation of deprivation of breath and life giving oxygen. The situation could be hanging, drowning, choking, slitting of throat, being buried alive, an explosion sucking away air, etc. all situations leaving a person dead for want of breath/air.
In this life under any situation, if this past life memory is triggered, the mind creates the situation of fighting for breath because some how it gets an input that the person (soul-mind-body) is in a condition of deprivation of air, as it happened in that birth and will lead to similar situation. The mind makes the breathing system strain for more air leading to a condition of ‘fighting for breath’.
Fortunately, hypnotherapists around the world have done a lot of work in helping people and relieved them of asthma condition by accessing that past life memory and dissociating the mind from feeling that in the present life it has to protect the person from a similar condition. Number of successful cases are there in India itself.
It is a non medical therapy, and a person reduces/gives up medication over a period of time in consultation with his medical practitioner as s/he keeps improving, saving both the suffering and money.
Wouldn’t you want to be free from breathing issues/problem including asthma? 

 Sleep Disorder

Many people these days experience difficulty in sleeping at night, which is the normal accepted time for rest for a human being. There are many books written on the subject and practically all systems of medicine have prescriptions to help you sleep.
Most people complain of not being able to sleep because of worry and stress. One other major reason for not being able to sleep is pain because of any physical ailment/condition. Also there are some pains which the medical doctors are not able to find the cause by any diagnostic technique and keep calling them psychosomatic, but they also cause sleep disorder in any case.

the inability of sleep belong to  the conscious mind.

  1. from disconnecting itself from the inputs from the sense organs,
  2. from discontinuing the processing of thoughts within the conscious mind, and
  3. from handing over the control to the subconscious.

Now what we do is to embed relaxation in mind with clients permission with a trigger to let conscious mind go to sleep.


There are many reasons why a woman may not conceive. We will not get into the various reasons, due to this being a speciality area. But the learning gained from a few cases with women who came with this problem for hypnotherapy, it does appear that some of them carry some trauma memories and/fears from past lives, which prevent them from conceiving.
For the general information of public (we are sure people who come to this site have an open mind about the mysteries of the universe


Only a person with this problem can feel the helplessness of not being able to overcome his/her disability. The helplessness felt by the individual, in many trying circumstances, inspite of knowing within himself, his own capability of being able to speak perfectly. How many times the individual must have felt, if only there was a simple solution to overcome the problem.
His own consciousness of himself when he speaks, specially at formal occasions or very personal situations, is so high, that it worsens the stammer.
How helpless the parents have felt in their inability to help their child.


Hypnotherapy recognizes that ‘stammering’ is caused by a trauma condition in childhood or sometimes as an adult also. In that trauma situation, the person wanted to speak and couldn’t, that locked memory, causes the stammer, in his/her future years.

Hypnotherapy helps release and heal the trauma.
Then the hypnotherapist helps him to retrain the speech system to speak normally.
Join the successful cases and feel free.

Stop smoking once and for all.

Have you tried and left smoking for a week or 10 days and then found yourself again back on your routine smoking habit?  New Year resolutions and will power broken again and again?

Well finally you have hit the right button – Hypnotherapy has a very high rate of success for you. It is painless and side effects are eliminated through this therapy.
Successful quit smoking through hypnosis and hypnotherapy begins with a desire to stop and your own decision to stop. I have a special programme of 3-5 sessions for quit smoking and another 3 as follow up. My clients have a better than 90% success rate till date!
Your success begins with a sincere desire to change and your decision to do something about your habit. When you stop smoking through hypnotherapy, you yourself will find it difficult to believe how easy and painless it was.
Life is short, don’t make it shorter!!

Performance Enhancement


Everyone wants to improve their performance in any area, particularly when they feel they are not upto their capability
This thought can be a bummer in any area of our work/life, be it sports performance, career performance, performance in studies, or even when performing household requirements.
Good news is all of us can improve our performance in any field through Hypnotherapy.

A good sportsman needs careful handling, better team spirit and motivation. In USA and many other countries hypnotherapists are employed on professional teams in baseball, basketball, table tennis, tennis, and many other sports events.

Are you a budding Golf champion or planning to be the next champion in your sport? Or a student trying to improve and get through any tough public exam like IIT/PMT/IIM entrance exam.
Try hypnotherapy! You would be surprised how fast your performance in your chosen area improves. You may yourself be amazed with your own performance the next time you …..

  • Improving performance in your responsibility area (Sales, Marketing, Production, Research, etc.)

  • Control bullying at work

  • Better communication

  • Goal achievement

  • Team motivation

  • Dealing with boss or colleague

  • Fear of interview

  • Presentation skills


  • Sports performance
  • Sports injury
  • Team performance
  • Overcoming blockages
  • Motivation
  •  Improved performance in Golf, Cricket, Rifle shooting,
  •  Gymnastics, and Basketball etc.


  • Improve Concentration

  • Remembering what you study

  • Improving Recall

  • Removing anxiety of examination

  • Removing anxiety of viva voce

  • Improving marks obtained in subjects of preference