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Neuro Linguistic Programming & Subconscious Re- Imprinting  Course
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If you are the one who thinks Healing is my calling, Wants to transform your life and the life of others’. These are the courses for you.
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Who can take this course?

This course is designed for  people who want to learn Hypnotherapy and be Healer by learning the inner workings of our mind. People who want to use  Hypnosis to access the deeper levels of the mind to be of service to clients get relief from physical ,mental, emotional dis-ease and spiritual void.

Aa background in counselling or psychology is not required This course is also appropriate for people who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the self and their inner healing capabilities. All psychotherapists, counselors, healers, medical professionals, educators and others with spiritual bend are welcome

Purpose of this course:

Purpose of this course is to train individuals to use Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Past life regression and Neural Programming  as a safe, effective and powerful transformative tool, for personal growth and healing as well as to be of service to others to heal and enhance their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Our approach towards learning is Sincere yet fun filled, We implement all concept of positive  mental programming while imparting a   very  comprehensive theoretical and practical training. We encourage open, endearing, and two way communicational approach towards learning. We learn to always be with Love, Respect, Compassion, and service to other human beings.

Once the course is completed, you will be qualified and aptly equipped with extra brilliance of command over finer nuance of Language required  to practice competently as a “Clinical Hypnotherapist”.

Structure of the course: Clinical hypnotherapy and Past life regression including Neuro linguistic Programming and Subconscious Re – Imprinting

There are 5  levels in this course which involve a total of 172hours (23 days) of instructional and practical training.
There is a gap of 3 to 8 weeks between each level according to levels for  students to assimilate and practice what they have learned in the previous level.
Each level builds upon the skills, knowledge and practical learning given in the previous level.
At the end of the course students are awarded a certification of “Clinical Hypnotherapist”, (Including ‘Past Life Therapist’ And ‘NLP Master Practitioner’).

*Training Offered at “Global  Centre of Healing and Hypnotherapy” is HOLISTIC   and SPIRITUAL  HYPNOTHERAPY  It brings an unusual  deep awareness of ones being, life, time, space, concept of time and Source.
For this reason, all students are required to come for a mandatory Paid past life regression session prior to selection into the training program.

All courses conducted are approved from California Hypnosis Institute, Irvine, California, USA. And, Indian Institute of Hypnotherapy. Gurgaon, India.
Certificates are given by “Global Centre of Healing & Hypnotherapy”

*From, “Time to time we collaborate with our counterparts of different countries to teach our students. It helps us to have exposure to various techniques around the world and we exchange and  share knowledge with them too.

*We lend a  lots of reference material on work and study then return basis in the form of books and Journals and videos 

These courses are approved by the American Hypnosis Association, USA, which requires a minimum of 128 hours of instructional and practical training for qualifying a person as a ‘Clinical Hypnotherapist’.
The courses are at par with the best curriculum offered by International Institutes. Combined with Indian Spiritual Awareness and Vedic Practice.

‘Gift’ from “Global Centre of “Healing & Hypnotherapy”

Special Course Combined with Level I, Comes as Free gift.

“Marm Therapy”

Know more about “Marm Therapy”

As mentioned before we practice “Holistic Spiritual Hypnotherapy” so : We begin our course by giving one day free workshop for “Marm Therapy” It is a very amazing Healing tool. We understand as a therapist we deal with everything so to keep up our health and energy on regular basis we have incorporated this invaluable gift for our students. It is to be practiced everyday during the course. “That makes our level I a four day duration course.”
Since Day 1 is
“Marm Therapy Workshop”
Topic Coverd

  • What is Marm?
  • What is Marm Therapy?
  • History of Marm Therapy.
  • Introduction of human body and its Energy body concept.
  • A Basic introduction of Ayurvadic Significance of Marm.
  • How to use them?
  • What is their effect on various illness.
  • Practice session to locate Marm in each individual’s body
  • Complete technique to use it on self.
  • Guidance as to how and where to go for extensive learning of ‘Marm Therapy’ for interested candidates.
    Duration : 1 Day

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Clinical Hypnotherapy

The Level 1 covers the Science of Hypnosis. We teach only scientific hypnosis to be used for ‘Clinical work’ i.e. to give relief to anyone who has some issue to be taken care of. Learning what is hypnosis, how to induce hypnosis and why a person gets into a state of hypnosis? are the focus of this programme. The programme is very intense.

Topics covered : 

  • Brief History of Hypnosis
  • History and Development of the Human Mind
  • The Theory of Mind
  • How to Create the Hypnotic State
  • The Theory of Suggestibility
  • The Laws of Suggestibility
  • How to Conduct a Hypnosis Session
  • Deepening Techniques
  • Words Effective Suggestions
  • Post-hypnotic Suggestion for Re-hypnosis
  • Awakening techniques
  • Practicals on creating hypnotic state

Duration:      3 Days       – (9am to 6 pm- every day) + I Day Marm Therapy work shop = 4 Days

Certificate Awarded: “Master Hypnotist”
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Diagnostic tools and Therapy tools used with hypnosis are the focus of this programme.

Past life regression and age regression are learnt as a diagnostic tools for uncovering the causes of real life problems experienced in the current life of the client (the person with the issue).

Topics covered :

  • Hypnotic Modalities
  • Medical Model of Hypnosis
  • Dream Therapy
  • Hypnotic Extinction of Fears and Phobias
  • Child Hypnosis and children issues
  • Hypno-Diagnostic Tools
  • Hypnotic Regression (Age & Past Life Regression) for diagnostic purpose
  • Hypno-Drama
  • Sports performance enhancement through Hypnotherapy
  • Life script change
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Determining suggestibility and tendencies by Hand writing analysis
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Kappasinian Hypnosis

Duration     : 5 Days -(9am to 6pm all 5 days, there is a break of one day after the 3rd day)

Certificate:   Completion Certificate for 

“Advance Hypnotic Techniques & Modalities”
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Past Life Regression Therapy Course
III. Level 3. Course on “Past Life Regression Therapy and talking to the subconscious” 

Any person who finishes the Level 2 can learn Past life Regression Therapy,  it is advantageous to have carried out a few past life regressions, before taking this course.

Topic Covered

  • Talking to the subconscious
  • History and Application of PLT
  • Why PLT works
  • Determining need for PLT
  • Interviewing clients for issues
  • Process of regression
  • Finding critical areas & multiple life connections
  • Diagnostic Regression Demonstration
  • Empowering the client
  • Reframing critical past life memories
  • Patterns from the past
  • Documenting regression/Therapy sessions
  • Soul/Trauma issues & death experience
  • Past life Therapy demonstration
  • Breaking the bonds of time
  • Advising the client on the healing process

Duration 3 days

Certificate: Past life Regression Therapist and Talking to the Subconscious.
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Topics Covered:

  • Physical & Emotional Sexuality
  • Systems Approach
  • First Consultation
  • Counselling & Interviewing
  • General Self-Improvement
  • Habit Control
  • Low Blood Sugar
  • Eating Disorders
  • Substance Abuse
  • Mental Bank
  • Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Defence Mechanisms
  • Advertising & Promotion

Course Duration:        8 Days

After attending the course, a course completion certificate is awarded.

The participants are then required to submit details of 10 cases (minimum 4-5 sessions each) done by them.  After scrutiny and approval of the cases, by an approved examiner, they have to appear for an interview. Once they clear the interview, the following certificate is issued by GCHH.

Certificate: “Clinical Hypnotherapist”

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Neuro Linguistic Programming & Subconscious Re- Imprinting  Course
V.  Course on “Neuro linguistic Programming and Subconscious Re- Imprinting” “NLP For Hypnotherapists and Healers.”

Know more about NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

This is an independent course those who are not aspiring to be a Hypnotherapist can also persue this. But, For Hypnotherapists and Healers We highly recommend it. To Hypnotherapy Students we recommend it After Level I, because its various Techniques and language abilities help a therapist to bring multifold results in their Clinical Hypnotherapy work.

Topic Covered

  • What is Neuro linguistics programming?
  • Mind and its modalities.
  • What is Subconscious re-imprinting?
  • Power of NLP: Resolve issues without sharing them.
  • Delete Bad memories.
  • Check your relationship without sharing any details.
  • What are Anchors?
  • Collapse bad Anchors.
  • Create Good Anchors.
  • What kinds of suggestions are good and what are bad suggestions for an individual
  • How to recognize them.
  • How to take or negate commands as per requirements in day today life.
  • How to write your own Hypnosis script for any situation as a therapist.
  • Create your future by your own wish.
  • Attract whatever you want.
  • Types of Human beings as per NLP
  • Good parenting and assessing child’s behavior based on that. Further change those patterns.
  • Overall how to change the programming of Brain
  • Heal yourself and, Heal others.

 Course Duration: 3 days

Certificate: Neuro Linguistic Programming For Healers, and Subconscious Re- Imprinting Master Practitioner.
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Crystal Healing
VI:  Course of Crystal Healing  – “Healing The Total Human ,Using the Mind, Bio – Energetics and Crystals” 

Know more about Crystals 

Its a Course to learn how to use Crystal to Heal. Enhance positive effects, Dispel Negativity Clean, Clear and Heal Auras and check and heal the energy of 7 Energy Centre (Chakras), any place and even things. There are other multiple use of crystals. How to combine crystal healing with other mode of therapy.  Its very effective alone as well as with other modalities as Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Tarot Reading, NLP and even Marm Therapy.

Topic Covered

  • Description of the Total Human Experience.
    – 1. The Physical body including Brain.

    – 2. The Etheric body including Chakra
    – 3. The Causal Body including Thoughts
    – 4. The Spiritual experience of the Soul.
  • The Layers of Human Aura.
  • The Human Energy Field and the Hara Line.
  • The Mind – Conscious, Sub Conscious and the Super Concsious
  • How Disease is Created.
  • Use of crystals in Diagnosis Various body Misalignment
  • Use of Quartz Pendulam to asses the condition of Chakra.
  • Which Crystal Work on Which aspect of Total Human Experience
  • Different shapes of crystals and their associated properties.
  • Using Crystal Generators for Energy Alignment.
  • Detailed Properties of Common Crystals.
  • Cleansing and Charging the crystals.
  • Programming the crystals for enhanced effectiveness.
  • Improving Meditation results by using crystals.
  • How to use Crystals in Hypnotherapy.
  • Knowledge of Crystals For Past Life Regression and Life between Lives Experience
  • How to use crystals in ‘Marm’ ‘Therapy’.

Course Duration : 2 days

Certificate : “Healing The Total Human ,Using the Mind, Bio – Energetics and Crystals”
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VII:  Course of  Master Numerologist

Day 1-

  • What is Numerology?
  • History of Numerology?
  • Numerology and its significance?
    Many example of name changed or name’s spelling changed, specially in Film industry (sInce those people are visible).
  • -Meaning of the numbers
  • -Cornerstone. in your name….
  • -Meaning of each alphabet on the basis of their name and shape.
  • -Meaning of the vowels in your name and their significance.
  • Meaning and Calculation of :-
    -Our Life Path no.
    -Our Expression No.
    -Our Sun no.
    -Our Core no.
    -Our Personality no.
    -Our Heart’s Desire no.
    -Our Hidden Passion no.
    -Balance no.
    -Karmic Debt no.
    -Master no.
  • Practice Assignment: Find out all the Above given numbers for you and for your other family members. If possible create a Photo ops. Means use A4 sheets for each one – paste their Pic and write above important no. exclusively for them beneath that, Get as many sheets, as many people you are doing calculation for.
    Then bring it tomorrow to do the rest of the part for them. We will begin with their current personality and life assessment and move on to see what can be changed. Some of them will be so good already that you would want them to leave alone.
  • Day 2 –
  • How numbers effect a person’s whole persona and life.
  • How change of name, Specially in case of women (After marriage can actually change their life ),
  • How relationship dynamics changes since you fall in love with the person with different name and you start living under the influence of other name and different no. which could be better than before or worst.
    And, how it can be changed
  • How there are certain Karmic concepts are involved around the numbers.
  • Remedial measures.
  • Financial Help and Numbers which help.
  • How all of them help to calculate, as to which number. need to be balanced
    a. to our requirements
    b. area of work
    c. area of relationship
    with the help of significant changes in our name.
  • Numbers and their significance in Tarot reading.
  • Number’s impact on our Life.
  • Reoccurrence of certain numbers. for a particular person and what does it means
  • How to know it and understand it.
  • Angle Numbers.

Course Duration : 2 days

Certificate : “Master Numerologist”

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