Marm Therapy

Marm Therapy

This is a very amazing, Instantly effective therapy from “Vedic Science”


We all know about Seven Chakras in our body Namely 1. Root Chakra (Mooladhar Chakra), 2. Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthan Chakra), 3. Solar Plexus (Manipoor Chakra) 4. Heart Chakra (Anahat Chakra) 5. Throat Chakra (Vishudhi Chakra) 6. Third Eye Chakra (Aggya Chakra) 7. Crown Chakra (Sahastrar Chakra).

These are “Energy Centres” or should we say widely known “Energy  Centres” since they are the source to  the ultimate Yogic sadhana (Practice) , Kundalini – Jagran(Awakening). However these are not the only energy centres in our body, we have total 114 energy centres in our body. Out of which these Seven are centrally located while rest 107 energy centres are located at various points in our body. Those energy points are called “Marm”.

How Does it Work:

We work on these Points ‘Specifically’ and open these energy centres. We teach how to locate these Marm points in body and how to energise them to have an unrestricted flow of energy in our body. 
Their effect is amazing, and in small pains so instant, that it almost looks miraculous. Even in  ‘Big Health Problems’, Mental or Physical; regular work on Marm solve it magically. 

However, since they are ‘Energy Centres’ so they need proper guidance to be located and worked on.

Who Can Learn That?

Our Course  of ‘Marm Therapy

Anyone, But, it is specially recommended to Surgeons since they put incision in body right location of Marm can make them understand how to use this knowledge. People who are ‘Healers’; You may heal by any method but you can always give knowledge of ‘Marm’ related to that ailment to the client which will multifold his therapy. It can be learnt by a Mother, to help not only herself but her children from any ailment. those who practise energising their Marm daily, even in healthy body, hardly ever get sick. 

It has proven record to be effective in Many ways. We give one day workshop for people to learn self Marm therapy, and afterward those who are interested we redirect them to the longer and more thorough knowledge in the field of Marm therapy.
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