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Relationship Issues:

In today’s world with a lot of independence to both men and women, We all have friends of opposite sex. We meet people in work places or from social acquaintances meeting frequently at clubs, parties, etc. or meet ‘strangers turned into friends’ even on the internet.  Some of these friendships turn into relationship since one person fall in love and other one responds. Even people on the internet feel they found the best partner of their life and a lot of written commitments follow in the chat and mail.

Well, some relations do materialise and are deep. But, some of them are shallow from the side of at least one of the partners. There could even be cheating, premeditated to take advantage of the sentiments of the other person. Ultimately a break takes place between the two, as one was maybe passing time, and enjoying the proximity of company or exchange of thought, and never wanted to get involved in a life long commitment/relationship.

Now, the one who was taking the relationship seriously (man or woman), gets a jolt, and many times is unable to come out of the situation emotionally. There are lingering feelings of pain, sense of being cheated, disappointment, guilt, loss of face, deep sense of loss, etc.
Sometimes one is able to share with someone and get over it, most of the time the sufferer gets into a loop and depression and is unable to come out of it.
What does one do with the thoughts and feelings left inside? They come up again and again and eat into one. They take ones time and energy.
This is when if they come to a hypnotherapist, he/she can help them by releasing these locked feelings of deep emotion for the person and/or the feelings of trauma of seperation, freeing them to be functional again, and get back into the main stream of life and living.

Marital counselling Pre/ Post

Couple who are about to get married must take a Pre marriage counselling. Though we are still not very open to the idea of pre marriage counselling. But with technology revolution and various other factors marriage today is not what it was with our parents Ha ha I am talking about a real different generation it is not even same as the person 10 years older to us. And changed Norms requires some New profarma to understand the responsibilities of marriage. That is where counselling and Hypnosis comes handy to first understand yourself and then to your Partner in a way to have a very clear understanding as to how to grow together in this beautiful relationship.
“As they say- “Prevention is always better than cure.

Similarly for married couple there are so many challenges right out to their working hours to be managed together to how to bring up children in mostly nuclear families and not to mention social media… 🙂 when things start getting out of hands they don’t even realise how to deal with it. So before your small rips will rip apart the relationship come for counselling and Hypnotherapy.

Childhood Traumas

Many Adults have lots of their issues due to some childhood trauma. Trauma of misbehaviour. Some kind of shock as a child or Any kind of sexual contact by some adult ( Paedophiles).It is not limited to girls only as a general perception. Here is number of little boys who go through this. And when these children  grow up to be adults it manifest into such different ways that only when you go deep in trance through Hypnotherapy you come to know that this is because of some childhood trauma.

Sometimes things are so bad that, it goes into repressed memory.( Memory which is forgotten by conscious mind) in order to let that person live with sanity. Nevertheless its effect creates symptoms of Disease or Disharmony in a person’s life. Here Hypnotherapy is very effective it not only releases those impressions but let a person move on.


Now this word has become so common that the very idea is scary, how come so many people go on living their life with bouts of depressions as a part of their life. So friends don’t make it a part of your life get rid of it Now.

But first of all what is Depression? as the word suggest De- Express when we are not able to express ourselves or we are neither able to fight nor flight and bear our plight, unable to express ourselves then Depression happens.

Here we get into trance with the help of Hypnotherapy and find out what is it that we need to deal with and express ourselves either through Fight or Flight. or with open communication in order to understand what is to be done. then we strengthen ourselves by the support of Hypnotherapy which helps us to do the needful and finally we get out of it.