Crystal Healing

Crystals are the ‘Power House’ of living magical energies. They are stones with crystalline structure; every ‘Crystal’ has different structure, different substance and a different life story.

Even though when they belong to same group of crystals, each crystal is unique in its own vibrations and it chooses us. No we do not choose it. It’s always the other way round.

Why they affect us? Well, all of the atomic structure in a crystal is polarized. That not only make them different from ordinary stones but that’s the reason, they can affect the flow of energy.

And we know our bodies are made of energy. So when our Aura or our body’s vibrational state is not in healthy condition which if not addressed can ultimately take the form of physical, emotional or mental state of dis-ease.

Here ‘Crystals’ if asked for help, gently realign the patterns and subtle bodies, to bring them back into balance and that’s how they create a state of ‘well-being’.

Amongst Crystals not just their, elements but their shape too have a significance over the effects they have, on Human Beings, nature, their environment and even at the different events. They are amazing at ‘Energy cleaning, Chakra healing and Aura cleaning and Healing both.
They not just clean the energy of Human beings, they are very good cleanser of energy of space too. Your home your office even your car and they magnify positive energy multifold.

Crystals for Creativity

Citrine, Aventurine and Carnelian. They all are creativity boosting Crystals use any one of them. Wear or carry with you as needed – related chakra Sacral.


Crystals For Good Luck

Tiger’s Eye, Aventurine, Sun stone and jade are the crystals which brings good Luck. Pick the one attracts you most.


Crystals to bring Punctuality and remove Procrastination

Sunstone, Zincite,  or Honey Calcite are best for those who want to break this harmful pattern in life and become more productive. 



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