Areas of Hypnotherapy

Area of Hypnotherapy

Physical Area     Emotional Area    Mental Area   Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is useful for complete healing of a person. It helps individuals in his/her mental, emotional, physical conditions. Many diseases which requires a life long continuation of drugs and medicines, may be helped by Hypnotherapy. One can surely benefit the painless and no side effect relief for the following diseases.

With hypnotherapy, you don’t have to leave your medicines but after a while you yourself might not find a reason to continue them!!

Through Hypnotherapy the client (patient) is many a time able to reverse the diseased states as most of them start at the mental body (Gyanmaya kosh) level, then percolate to the emotional body (Manomaya Kosh), then disturbing the Etheric body (Pranmaya Kosh) and finally causing disturbances at the physical body (Annamaya Kosh).

People having diseased states at any level have to be patient to allow the actions to be completed at the subtle body levels. In many instances especially related to conditions of fears and phobias where relief can be obtained in very short times with the help of Hypnotherapy.

Lead a fulfilling life without pain and medicines …..

  1. Thyroid                                                    21.Tremors
  2. White Spots                                             22.Warts
  3. Relationship issues                                23.Depression
  4. Obesity                                                      24. Relationship issue
  5. Appetite disorders                                  25. Pre marital, Post marital
  6. Arthritis                                                    26. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  7. Asthma                                                      27. Addictions
  8. Baldness (Alopecia)                                 28. Childhood Trauma
  9. Chronic fatigue Syndrome                     29. Same Negative Pattern
  10. Eczema and psoriasis                              30. Erectile Dysfunction
  11. Fears & Phobias                                        31. Memory Retention
  12. Impotence                                                  32. Concentration
  13.  Insomnia                                                    33. Recall in Exams
  14. Irritable bowel syndrome                       34. Purpose of life
  15. Pain Management                                     35. Past life regression
  16. Travel sickness                                           36. Life between Lives
  17. Sexual obsessions, dysfunctions, etc     37. Future Progression for Clarity.
  18. Sleepwalking                                              38. Intuitive power increase.
  19. Snoring and Sleep apnoea                       39. Remedial Forgiveness
  20. Tinnitus                                                      40. Foreign energy or Spirit release
    Physical Area   Emotional Area    Mental Area   Spiritual Hypnotherapy

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