About Us

About Us

“Heal the world by Healing within.”
@Mission: Complete transformation through inner Healing.

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Varshaa Dwivedi (Founder,)
Location NCR/ (Noida) India / Online 
Clinical Hypnotherapist,
-Weight Lost
-Relationship counselling
-Inner child Work
-Trauma Healing
-Chronic health issues which are not responding to medicines
– De addiction
-Issues with children 
-Past life regression Therapist,
-Future Progression
-Life between Lives therapist,
-Spiritual Hypnotherapist
NLP Master Trainer
-Create new neural Pathways to change patterns
– Subconscious Imprinting of new patterns
Anchor new pattern de anchored old ones
Numerologist (Magic of Date of birth)
-Why you have so much struggle in life and what can be done to remove it.
Remedies for – What is your best Profession?
-One can settle in abroad or not. 
-Love marriage/Arrange marriage 
-Compatibility Match
Crystal Healer, -Tarot Reader,
-Your Question Answers. 
– Uplift your energies
Marma “ Vedic Science” Therapist
Diploma in Art Therapy
Reiki Healer Level 3 

Email: varshaadwivedi@yahoo.com

I am Varshaa Dwivedi dancer, singer, painter, 
gardener and mother of two feisty children. I love swimming. My mission is complete transformation through inner healing. and my latest undertaking  is to bring ‘Love in life’ by providing people a course called “Premarital Relationship Counselling Formula”.

From Cambridge certified “IGCSE” English as first Language Trainer to ICT development officer to a Clinical Hypnotherapist /NLP/ Marm Thearpy Healer and an e – magazine  editor and publisher My journey has been a one testimonials of various turns and twists.

My grandfather, who was a renunciate by the time I was born, is my first teacher who gave me love for Farming, Gardening, English language learning/teaching and Meditation. Who has given me a foundation and two most incredible Morning and evening prayers which, always keeps my path alight.  Relationship troubles, had taken me to the helm of Spirituality, after exhausting all options, to find myself and sort answers. 
Healing path happened when I have been through Phobia from blood (Cured) energy drain in public places (I used to get tired in public places)(healed) to Hypothyroid (gone), to Broken heart syndrome aka Stress Cardiomyopathy,(experienced NDE), to severe rheumatoid arthritis combined with fibromyalgia. {Taught me awesome discipline and power of ‘Marmas’,’Ayurveda’ and Mantras (Very powerful subconscious imprinting tools)} Most of all I have learned to heal my relationship and understand the dynamics between Self love Vs. Giving. Since toxicity in close proximity, brings bad health.
I had some famous chronic issues and today I am dancing again and into regular Padam Sadhana. Is it a miracle? perhaps…But,  a very attainable one.
[Ask and it shall be given to you.
Seek and you shall find it.
Knock and it will be opened unto you.

 In 10 years time span an extensive body of work is here, in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Having worked with all age groups including children in various school programs, I have a firm belief “prevention is better than cure yet, cure is possible for any and every condition if only we want it .
Of late when I have seen a steady rise in relationship healing cases as in “Marriage counselling” and trauma Healing when Divorce has happened or going on. The idea to create a full course in premarital counselling is born and made into reality so as to help people :-

  1. to be able to get it right the first time 
  2. to bring more clarity in ‘Love’ as well as in ‘Relationship’ arena which, 
  3. not just deals with passion and sex, but responsibilities as well.
  4. Love can be attained.
    For other modalities you may connect with me, and book a one to one session online and in-person.
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Cure is when we get rid of the malady or disease.
Healing is when we get rid of the ‘Reason’ of it too.

With this, We have started “Healing and Hypnotherapy”  Since 2015
From 2016 July we started publishing our unique International e- journal

“Healing and Hypnotherapy” Why unique? Well, Unlike other subject journal it is not meant for hypnotherapists and Healers only. It is for others too. We have masked identities of clients and kept the language simple, as in not too much technical for the benefit of our Non Hypnotherapists/ Healers, readers. by this journal we have already reached to thousands of people in the whole world.

By this website we would like to reach out to millions of those who are ready to be Healed and looking for an  option. So Come and see how life can be changed. 

We have a whole family of Hypnotherapists/ and Healers with us so here is a whole page dedicated to them. Please go and find the one closer to your vicinity and  need. Cause we get attracted to the one we are destined to be with. 🙂 🙂
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