How do I Change Energy to Change Life?

Varsha Dwivedi
Varsha Dwivedi, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Trainer

Very Interesting question. Let’s begin.

Well! energy is to be changed from the level of thoughts. But How??

Alright let the magic begin:- I will give some very simple techniques. Which are very much tried and tested on all my clients. And have very positive results.

  1. Every night before going to bed take a notepad/ Diary and write thank you to Lord/ God/ Universe/ Providence whatever you believe in for all good things of that day.
    Initially you may begin with five lines and eventually you may increase your thank yous….. :))
    few points to remember- write everything in present tense and if you think nothing positive has happened today then begin from: Thank you God for a roof on my head. or I am grateful for the warm meals on my table. Or Thank you so much for giving me such loving caring and beautiful family.You will see a very amazing change in life. Whatever we are thank full for, increases in life cause; by the rule of focus we increase and attract it, in our life. This practice is called Gratitude.
  2. Let’s come to the other important energy change activity.
    Affirmation: Here I am giving a self love affirmation for all those who will read it here. Though personally I add things as per individual requirements.
    These lines are to be repeated every day ‘Morning’; when you start your day and begin your morning ritual. Stand in front of a mirror and look into your eyes when you repeat these lines to yourself. and you have to do the same in evening or night whenever you get time while standing in front of the mirror.
    Lines are :-
    I Love Myself.
    I accept Myself.
    I acknowledge myself.
    I am happy, Healthy and prosperous human being.
    I am full of love.
    My life is getting better and better everyday.Why we need to look into our eyes while we say that? Well! since we were a little kid, anyone who ever told us that we will not amount to anything or we can not do this, was an authority figure… (teacher, parents – when angry or relative, boss ….etc) was looking into our eyes. This creates a very deep impression in our subconscious mind. So we need to find that ‘Self Love’, which most people have lost in their journey to adult hood.

    Why it is so important?
    People who do not have enough confidence in themselves need this, Those who likes to control others also need this and those who are serious pricks can’t pass any conversation without hurting others too need it. And those who get hurt need this, those who are at the receiving end of bullying need this to get inner self love to stand up for themselves. overall its a magic formula to balance.

    Prescription of twice a day is to be followed strictly for six months. and if you start seeing positive results make it a habit of a life time. It will change your life.

  3. This is a very important step towards 180 degree change in life. It is your language. Make a list of what you do not want or what annoys you and then convert it into what you want instead.
    for example: I don’t like War = I want peace.
    I hate this food (any food) = (focus on) I love (whatever you love most) this food.
    The crux is ‘FOCUS’ on what you want instead of what you do not want.
    Now initially it would be a little difficult as people are so wired to know their disliking and, very few are focused on what they like. SO much so that sometimes people bond over their disliking. So shift it, shift your day today language come to a new way of thinking and speaking. Focus on what you want, what you should have what you want to be and what you care about.Its a very powerful mind technique what you do not want ignore and it will slowly disappear. and what you want shift your focus to that it will become stronger and bigger and eventually become a reality.

    Again keep your words in present tense.
    Its a Powerful change. I understand it will not happen overnight. But, little efforts everyday will bring triumph to you for sure.

All above given exercise are very powerful “Neuro Linguistic Programming” and “Self Hypnosis” based exercise. They are proven energy changers. Since they change the whole programming of mind, they create a natural shift in attitude and, they deeply heal that inner self and set an individual on the path of compassion, Love and success.

I wish you all the best. Follow them and, see a shift in your energy for good.

Thank you

Love and Light

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