Self Love

LOVE YOURSELF: Sounds Familiar, Yes its a Cliche word in everything.

But what do we mean by Love Yourself. Do not we love ourself already?? That perfect relationship we want for ‘Ourself’, That always being there for you attitude with that ——“No matter what”? (Seriously…… !!!!).

Don’t we do that to keep OUR Loved ones happy??

And that; ‘He does not understand’ and ‘she does not understand’ our point. ?? So Where do we not love ourselves.
And is not it ‘Nobel’ to keep other’s interests in mind and is it not important to take care of others to be a good person. Etc… etc……

I was reading a post in a Facebook group Why does women attract abusive relationship. even when they come from fairly normal childhood and loving atmosphere. That has set me thinking.
Yes whats wrong not just with women with anyone who attracts any relationship or puts up with it which is abusive. And by relationship I do not mean just intimate Love relationship. it could be any at home, at office in one’s social arena or anywhere.

Self Love unknown and misunderstood. Our convenience at the cost of other’s ‘need’ is not self love.‘Arrogance’ to trample on others in the shadow of ‘self righteousness’ and, that ‘I know it all’ definitely, does not come in that either.

People with this behaviour too need self love.

Here are three misguided approach to it.
Have you ever done any of these things?

1. We spend money on ourself because we “deserve it.”

Loving ourself doesn’t mean buying nice things or treating ourself to massages, vacations, a nice car or an expensive restaurant meal. In fact, (No harm doing it though, just don’t confuse it with self love),We see people constantly looking for the next big “fix” that will allow them to feel momentarily better about their life or relationship. The fixes never do, because underneath all those treats and expenses, you still don’t love yourself and who you really are, at the core.

2. We do things for others so they won’t think we’re a bad person.

This is classic people pleasing behaviour. You say “yes” to doing things for others when you really don’t have time or the desire, because you don’t want to disappoint them. You don’t dare disagree with a friend for fear they’ll be angry with you. You often wonder how you got yourself into commitments that turn out to be a giant headache.

If you’re seeking approval from others in order to feel like a good, hard- working, loving person, you’ll forever run yourself ragged. That’s because no matter what compliments others bestow upon you, you’ll never feel like enough.

3. We keep searching for that perfect relationship.

We keep thinking that someday, life will be so much better when we find the right partner and fall in love. We’ll finally feel as though you belong, or that we’re understood and appreciated for who we are. Looking to another person to make us feel whole is a bad strategy, That’s because…They cant make us love us. Our love comes from within us and thats exactly from where our confidence comes too.

If there is a part of yourself you resist, wish were different or downright hate. Lack of self love is not obviously evident, its silently operates under a Radar. When you don’t love yourself It manifests itself in variety of ways:

Passive- Aggressive behaviour.

Alright here is an argument, Whats wrong with trying to be better, Is not self improvement important.


Yes and No. To resist what we are experiencing and rejecting yourself for, it is actually the ‘Opposite’ of self improvement. We can take an honest stock of what exactly, actually needed to be change within, when first we accept ourself without judgement.

“Start affirmation on Self Love, Allow yourself to go within and say

“Close your eyes sit down, now say it in your heart. I am healed and I love myself. What is not required is detached from me and leaving me. And I am healed.” feel it repeat it if you want to and open your eyes slowly when you think its done”.

Very small yet very powerful step towards self love.
With this beautiful self healing We sore to a new understanding.

Lots of love and Light 

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