Our Handwriting Our power to Change our life

Our Handwriting Our power to Change our life

Our mind gives out its imprint in so many ways with easy way to change it that sometimes its really difficult to believe that we really live in the fantasy of powerless ness in-spite of being so aware, so wise and so resourceful.

What stops us? Well! Our own skepticism or our own belief in boundaries. Though in reality we can write our destiny in any which way we want. Thoughts creates habits and they convert into our character or characteristics as I would like to call it. Then these characteristics or our character we carry as our basic feature in to whatever we do which eventually carve our destiny.

Now there are people who will believe our destiny makes us think in specific way and build our habit then character so we reach to the outcome; which is, pre decided. However, There is a catch in this game “free will” and ability to come out of this circle by changing our thought pattern and thus changing the outcome.

How????? Well in computer programming there are “cheat codes” So in the Neural programing too, there are several “ cheat codes”. One of them we will discuss here our ‘Hand Writing”.

Yes it is much more than our language teacher’s patience and surety of good marks in school, if it is legible; of course with right answers only. J

It is a visual imprint of our subconscious.

All those “Human beings” who believe destiny can be read, perceived and even changed has worked and still working extensively on that and find out this method of magical and very accurate perception of ones personality. And, not just that, they even claim that one may change the persona thus one’s destiny by changing their handwriting.

I am being one of them. Would like to discuss this very simple “cheat code” of mind’s programming here.

Write a page on a plain white sheet with a pencil and look at it. If it is legible clear organized then you are a legible clear and organized person. If not then it’s about time you go back to handwriting books and start practicing, to make it clear and organized.

Watch out your ‘t’ s and ‘i ‘ s Their bar its height and slant and dot its presence and absence tells a lot about you. A person with all ‘i’ ‘s dotted has an eye for detail. And a high bar in t speaks of high goals and high self-esteem. Watch out if it is cut in center or just touching left or right margin. ‘Left margin ‘ – ‘you live in past’; ‘Right margin ‘ you are a future person. But the margin in center speaks for present.

Hey you can change it and with that your tendencies.

Do you know? Your ‘j’, ‘y’, and ‘g’ ‘s lower loops not just talk about your sexual tendencies but they tell about your financial tendencies too, into different areas of your life.

While we are at it, let’s make our ‘o’ s perfectly rounded with no loops either side left or right which comes as a habit from cursive writing. Stop it immediately. It could give you troubles related to stomach area and some very damaging behavioral issues.

And your Signature it opens the secret of your mind as to how you want to present yourself to the world or in other words who you think you are. Now friends this is a very important area since what we think we are is what we create for ourselves; cause to everything we decide for ourselves, ‘good or bad’ universe has only one word:- “yes dear”

So beware.

  1. Do not cut your self (oops your signature) by any line, up or down.
  2. And getting your signature or first letter, inside a loop a big no – no.
  3. Slanting downwards; stop right there, and change it.

Be very clear, legible organized oh yes that line beneath!, it is good, provided, it’s not touching any letter. And please, no full stops in front of your name. However, dots below that supporting line are good.

For more details I ll refer you to this you tube video.

Interview of none other than Vimla Rodgers.

Vimla Rodgers is the author of the book:

Your Handwriting can Change Your life”

Here is the tool and I wish you all the best.

Love and Life



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