Time or Life

One stone to another, This water is flowing, Air is moving and even shrubs and trees are coming and going. We are the only one unchanged and same: not even moving anywhere . Lying here Simply; and just looking.

Feels saddened, left behind.

Other Stone laughed watch it closely its not water its time flowing by and now look at yourself clearly. you are not same either you are changing with every ruffle of time and its flow; its variety is leaving a mark on you. You are not same as what you were a moment ago; yet the changes are so subtle they are well hidden before they get accumulated. And one fine day when you get time from watching others and your admiration and  criticism of outside world takes break, you look at yourself and realise I am changed.

First one asked puzzled and there is not a thing we can do about it ?

To change! Nope not at all but to decide how to change Yes! thats your choice, the way you role, which part you want to glow and which you want to leave a little thick yes that you may.

But how will I decide if it is the right way to change?

Oh no you don’t initially, but by and by you get a hang of it and know exactly what, when and how will things changed. Hey but don’t be too caught up: Unimagined things happened when we are most sure of ourselves, said he laughing: so even though cherish your clarity. Be ready to accept things as naive child at every juncture of change.

What do we do? Enquired the first one.

Nothing we can neither stop this phenomenon nor slow it but, we can definitely navigate it.

So lets be mindful and Navigate this flow of time for our life and for our selves.

Love and light

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