What is Hypnotherapy

 I encounter this question often.
Most People have this Image of somebody overpowering them with their eyes or someone put some object in front of their eyes. And Poof!!!!!! …. They don’t remember anything. SCARY yeah…….

Well, No this is Not Hypnotherapy,

“HYPNOTHERAPY” is very similar to the “GUIDED – MEDITATION”

Then, what is the difference or why anyone should come for Hypnotherapy?

  1. Its issue based guided meditation. Unlike the one we do otherwise.
  2. Here, we take a person with any issue in deep trance with the help of very tried and tested set of commands and there, we reach to the deepest state required. And then, we resolve that issue.
  3. In this state, your Therapist or guide is through out with you, and, bring you back to normal state safely and comfortably.

Now; during trance your awareness state is so high that you may hear sounds from far away, you smell better than conscious state. Overall its more expanded state and you are aware of everything.

Now, What are the areas or where can we use it:-

We can use it in any and every area still here is a list of some of them.:

Physical areas:

Know more about Physical Areas of Hypnotherapy

  • Any ailment which is not responding to medication. Or re – occurs. Asthma is a very good example it has a record of 100% cure.
  • Obesity,  Body image issues, ( read this month’s journal Http://joom.ag/COCY.
    a Hypnotherapist has given his own testimony. He has regrown his own thumb nail by self hypnosis.)
    He is working on his hair regrowth now…..and here is the report Go check this issue for hair regrowth https://joom.ag/D8nY
  • Addictions
  • Sudden. bone  or hard tissue growth in any unwanted  region.
  • White spot removal (one client has come so far to me with hundred % result.
  • Tumers.
  • Pain reduction ( Very useful in last stage Cancer patient where they need care and proper life till the end). Tooth ache and other sorts of aches too but, they are more useful for Hypnotherapists since they know deep self hypnosis.
    These are only few to name.

Emotional issues:

Know more about Emotional Area of Hypnotherapy

  • Fear and phobias
  • Relationship issues
  • Childhood trauma
  • Same negative patterns, either in work or life’s particular area. It could be anything. Can be broken here.
    These are to name a few.

Mental Issues:

Know more about how to resolve Mental issues

  • Depression
  • Stress related issues
  • Anger management
  • Concentration,
  • Retention abilities.
  • 80 to100% Recall in examination. ( please understand it does not help without study) . 😊 One has to study if one wants to recall something.
  • Memory retention.
    Are to name a few.

Spiritual Hypnotherapy:

Know more about “Spiritual Hypnotherapy”

  • Past Life Regression
  • Future progression. For clarity.
  • Life between Lives
  • Purpose. of life
  • Life Script Change 
  • Issues related to Past life
  • Intuitive power increase.
  • Remedial Forgiveness for past or past lives conflict effecting your life today.
  • Foreign energy or Spirit release
    Are some of the powerful methods and remedies  in this arena.

There is more to know in Hypnotherapy  like Hypnotherapy for Children  It covers specific child centric therapy. Click the link to know it.

Well this is what is Hypnotherapy.  In a nutshell
😊Quite a big nut indeed.

Hope it has given some clarity about this beautiful medium of healing. For any further query, Contact Us

Love and Light


“Learning”. This word always make me miss my mom. Don’t worry she is very much alive and kicking {our butts whenever she feels, we ( my siblings and I) deserve it.} Yet this word is a part of my childhood imprints. ‘Learning….’ Being an Avid reader I practically devoured books as a child. With non-satiated curiosity, books were my friends, philosopher and guide; heck somewhat addiction too.
And one day when I was around nine year old my mother asked ‘What do learn from all these books you read?’ I was slightly puzzled. OK I learn so much. That was the generic idea so I did not know what she meant and  was slightly puzzled. Oh My God ! Not like text books ! We already made to learn there. Here we enjoy. (Going inside my mind.) She said,‘Here is a story about a little boy.’ I am always unable to resist a good  story so, I got hooked.

And here it goes. In Mahabharata ‘The epic’ there were five brothers(Princes) and there are 100 cousins (Princes again). It is about the royal family of Kuruvansh. The Pandavas and Kauravas. This is the story of the eldest brother Yudhishtir amongst those five. They all were given a full chapter of ‘Shubhashitani’ means ‘Sayings:- Which contains some principals of life’; to learn by heart.

Next day their Guru asked ‘So who all had finished the task I gave yesterday ?’ All happily cheered,’me – me’. Their Guru was pleased, however, he saw that little Yudhishtir was very quite and standing in a corner. He went  to him and asked him as well. He was considered the most sincere and serious student. His manners and grace were also impeccable. He simply said “I could learn only two lines of the whole chapter.” Guru was surprised and he said “How is that?! Those who do not study very sincerely, even they have memorised it all and you are telling me you have learned only two lines !!” 

 His answer was again “yes”. Guru ji was growing angry now, and asked,”Only two lines! That’s a shame what were you doing and why did you not read it completely?” ‘I did’, answered the child. “I read it again and again and again but could not manage to hold more than two lines.” By now Guru ji was properly angry. He reminded him that how in being the eldest he is the heir to the throne and how it’s his responsibility to be the best since it can-not be otherwise. It was simply unacceptable. His answer was equally calm. “Please forgive me Guru ji but, I could only learn two lines.” By now Guru ji was fuming in rage and he picked up a branch of tree kept as a ruler to basically use as a pointer while teaching, and now he asked him to open his palm and started the unthinkable. By now all the other princes had also gathered around as it was something new which had never happened before. They were all shocked and some of them ran inside the palace and fetched the patriarch of their clan, their grandfather Bhishma.

He came and got the whole narration of the incidence. This puzzled him as well, given the brilliant track record of the eldest prince. So this time ‘he’ asked the child. By now the child’s face was red and he started to look angry and frustrated. So to the same question he answered “Pitamah – (Grandpa) I thought I learned two lines but it seems I could manage to learn just one.”  Now Bhisma asked gently – “Please explain what do you mean. The great future Dharmaraj {One who always understood the nitty- grities of Dharma – (‘one’s capacity to understand and perform his/her duties in exact and accurate way with full justice’)} “Yudhistira answered”, “The two lines I have learnt were”:- 

1. Always speak truth.

2. Do not let anger hold your head. 

“However, now that I am feeling very angry I think I am capable of learning only one line so far which is ‘Always speak truth.’

Every one was stunned and in complete awe. Guru ji (The teacher) was speechless.(This is the story before great Dronacharya became their Guru (Full time teacher.)

Once the story finished my mother said “Do you understand it ? It means no matter how much you read or how many things you memorise; Only what we implement in life is the real learning. So, if you find one line from your whole book to implement and to follow through in your life, then the time and energy given to that book is worth it.” 

It has been with me since then; Learning is only what we implement. The rest  is collected data, which tends to only give inflated egos. 

How do I Change Energy to Change Life?

Varsha Dwivedi
Varsha Dwivedi, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Trainer

Very Interesting question. Let’s begin.

Well! energy is to be changed from the level of thoughts. But How??

Alright let the magic begin:- I will give some very simple techniques. Which are very much tried and tested on all my clients. And have very positive results.

  1. Every night before going to bed take a notepad/ Diary and write thank you to Lord/ God/ Universe/ Providence whatever you believe in for all good things of that day.
    Initially you may begin with five lines and eventually you may increase your thank yous….. :))
    few points to remember- write everything in present tense and if you think nothing positive has happened today then begin from: Thank you God for a roof on my head. or I am grateful for the warm meals on my table. Or Thank you so much for giving me such loving caring and beautiful family.You will see a very amazing change in life. Whatever we are thank full for, increases in life cause; by the rule of focus we increase and attract it, in our life. This practice is called Gratitude.
  2. Let’s come to the other important energy change activity.
    Affirmation: Here I am giving a self love affirmation for all those who will read it here. Though personally I add things as per individual requirements.
    These lines are to be repeated every day ‘Morning’; when you start your day and begin your morning ritual. Stand in front of a mirror and look into your eyes when you repeat these lines to yourself. and you have to do the same in evening or night whenever you get time while standing in front of the mirror.
    Lines are :-
    I Love Myself.
    I accept Myself.
    I acknowledge myself.
    I am happy, Healthy and prosperous human being.
    I am full of love.
    My life is getting better and better everyday.Why we need to look into our eyes while we say that? Well! since we were a little kid, anyone who ever told us that we will not amount to anything or we can not do this, was an authority figure… (teacher, parents – when angry or relative, boss ….etc) was looking into our eyes. This creates a very deep impression in our subconscious mind. So we need to find that ‘Self Love’, which most people have lost in their journey to adult hood.

    Why it is so important?
    People who do not have enough confidence in themselves need this, Those who likes to control others also need this and those who are serious pricks can’t pass any conversation without hurting others too need it. And those who get hurt need this, those who are at the receiving end of bullying need this to get inner self love to stand up for themselves. overall its a magic formula to balance.

    Prescription of twice a day is to be followed strictly for six months. and if you start seeing positive results make it a habit of a life time. It will change your life.

  3. This is a very important step towards 180 degree change in life. It is your language. Make a list of what you do not want or what annoys you and then convert it into what you want instead.
    for example: I don’t like War = I want peace.
    I hate this food (any food) = (focus on) I love (whatever you love most) this food.
    The crux is ‘FOCUS’ on what you want instead of what you do not want.
    Now initially it would be a little difficult as people are so wired to know their disliking and, very few are focused on what they like. SO much so that sometimes people bond over their disliking. So shift it, shift your day today language come to a new way of thinking and speaking. Focus on what you want, what you should have what you want to be and what you care about.Its a very powerful mind technique what you do not want ignore and it will slowly disappear. and what you want shift your focus to that it will become stronger and bigger and eventually become a reality.

    Again keep your words in present tense.
    Its a Powerful change. I understand it will not happen overnight. But, little efforts everyday will bring triumph to you for sure.

All above given exercise are very powerful “Neuro Linguistic Programming” and “Self Hypnosis” based exercise. They are proven energy changers. Since they change the whole programming of mind, they create a natural shift in attitude and, they deeply heal that inner self and set an individual on the path of compassion, Love and success.

I wish you all the best. Follow them and, see a shift in your energy for good.

Thank you

Love and Light

Laughter, our Road to Access Our full Potential

When we start to laugh, it doesn’t just lighten our load mentally, it actually induces physical changes in our body. Laughter can: Stimulate many organs. Laughter enhances our intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates our heart, lungs and muscles, and increases the endorphins that are released by our brain.

Numerous benefits to laughter,
•Reduced anger, anxiety, depression and stress. and; Reduced tension (psychological and cardiovascular).
•Reduced risk of heart attack. Improved lung function in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD.
•Increased energy expenditure. The researchers estimated a day of “genuine laughter” could burn 2,000 calories. Reduced blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.
•Higher pregnancy rates after in vitro fertilization when a clown joked with would-be mothers.
•Adds joy and zest to life Eases anxiety and tension Relieves stress Improves mood Strengthens resilience Strengthens relationships Attracts others to us Enhances teamwork Helps defuse conflict Promotes group bonding

These all are very known effect of Laughter, Here we are going to talk about
some lesser known facts like what effect laughter has on our brain’s capacity of assimilation and understanding.Throughout our school life we hear remarks like be serious, focus concentrate, And sometimes teachers go to any length to make sure that  children should become serious.

However, ourNeurolinguistic Programming states something very different.
It says; right after a good laugh whatever instructions are to be given to the people they straight away make way to their subconscious mind cause, they are relax,  comfortable with very positive mind frame so their ability to learn and assimilate is much higher than:
when they are, stressed, tensed shouted upon and most derogatorily insulted or, laughter is at someone’s expanse then it enhances disheartened, disoriented response and much of energy goes into coping with the situation than learning. So in a way if we really want to teach and want our learners to learn something we must create a jovial atmosphere instead of a serious stressed atmosphere. Imagine what do we do with children in school???

However, Beware !!!! 🙂 ”Laughter is not purely beneficial,” Robin Ferner from City Hospital Birmingham and J.K. Aronson of the University of Birmingham concluded in this week’s issue of the British Medical Journal.

Sick jokes make you ill, dry wit causes dehydration or jokes in bad taste cause dysgeusia,” a distortion of  the sense of taste.

Moral of the story is, healthy and witty humour which begins from situation or self is useful laughter. Where we carry everyone and create a situation of shared moment with lighten up atmosphere. Bang!!! pass on the learning you want to completely go within. It will become a part of brain forever.

With this; Laugh a lot and teachers and instructors please  be more jovial – ‘Gentle Authority’ of motivation is always much higher and last longer than ‘Control’ in terms of one up manship.

Love and Light

Self Love

LOVE YOURSELF: Sounds Familiar, Yes its a Cliche word in everything.

But what do we mean by Love Yourself. Do not we love ourself already?? That perfect relationship we want for ‘Ourself’, That always being there for you attitude with that ——“No matter what”? (Seriously…… !!!!).

Don’t we do that to keep OUR Loved ones happy??

And that; ‘He does not understand’ and ‘she does not understand’ our point. ?? So Where do we not love ourselves.
And is not it ‘Nobel’ to keep other’s interests in mind and is it not important to take care of others to be a good person. Etc… etc……

I was reading a post in a Facebook group Why does women attract abusive relationship. even when they come from fairly normal childhood and loving atmosphere. That has set me thinking.
Yes whats wrong not just with women with anyone who attracts any relationship or puts up with it which is abusive. And by relationship I do not mean just intimate Love relationship. it could be any at home, at office in one’s social arena or anywhere.

Self Love unknown and misunderstood. Our convenience at the cost of other’s ‘need’ is not self love.‘Arrogance’ to trample on others in the shadow of ‘self righteousness’ and, that ‘I know it all’ definitely, does not come in that either.

People with this behaviour too need self love.

Here are three misguided approach to it.
Have you ever done any of these things?

1. We spend money on ourself because we “deserve it.”

Loving ourself doesn’t mean buying nice things or treating ourself to massages, vacations, a nice car or an expensive restaurant meal. In fact, (No harm doing it though, just don’t confuse it with self love),We see people constantly looking for the next big “fix” that will allow them to feel momentarily better about their life or relationship. The fixes never do, because underneath all those treats and expenses, you still don’t love yourself and who you really are, at the core.

2. We do things for others so they won’t think we’re a bad person.

This is classic people pleasing behaviour. You say “yes” to doing things for others when you really don’t have time or the desire, because you don’t want to disappoint them. You don’t dare disagree with a friend for fear they’ll be angry with you. You often wonder how you got yourself into commitments that turn out to be a giant headache.

If you’re seeking approval from others in order to feel like a good, hard- working, loving person, you’ll forever run yourself ragged. That’s because no matter what compliments others bestow upon you, you’ll never feel like enough.

3. We keep searching for that perfect relationship.

We keep thinking that someday, life will be so much better when we find the right partner and fall in love. We’ll finally feel as though you belong, or that we’re understood and appreciated for who we are. Looking to another person to make us feel whole is a bad strategy, That’s because…They cant make us love us. Our love comes from within us and thats exactly from where our confidence comes too.

If there is a part of yourself you resist, wish were different or downright hate. Lack of self love is not obviously evident, its silently operates under a Radar. When you don’t love yourself It manifests itself in variety of ways:

Passive- Aggressive behaviour.

Alright here is an argument, Whats wrong with trying to be better, Is not self improvement important.


Yes and No. To resist what we are experiencing and rejecting yourself for, it is actually the ‘Opposite’ of self improvement. We can take an honest stock of what exactly, actually needed to be change within, when first we accept ourself without judgement.

“Start affirmation on Self Love, Allow yourself to go within and say

“Close your eyes sit down, now say it in your heart. I am healed and I love myself. What is not required is detached from me and leaving me. And I am healed.” feel it repeat it if you want to and open your eyes slowly when you think its done”.

Very small yet very powerful step towards self love.
With this beautiful self healing We sore to a new understanding.

Lots of love and Light 

Our Handwriting Our power to Change our life

Our Handwriting Our power to Change our life

Our mind gives out its imprint in so many ways with easy way to change it that sometimes its really difficult to believe that we really live in the fantasy of powerless ness in-spite of being so aware, so wise and so resourceful.

What stops us? Well! Our own skepticism or our own belief in boundaries. Though in reality we can write our destiny in any which way we want. Thoughts creates habits and they convert into our character or characteristics as I would like to call it. Then these characteristics or our character we carry as our basic feature in to whatever we do which eventually carve our destiny.

Now there are people who will believe our destiny makes us think in specific way and build our habit then character so we reach to the outcome; which is, pre decided. However, There is a catch in this game “free will” and ability to come out of this circle by changing our thought pattern and thus changing the outcome.

How????? Well in computer programming there are “cheat codes” So in the Neural programing too, there are several “ cheat codes”. One of them we will discuss here our ‘Hand Writing”.

Yes it is much more than our language teacher’s patience and surety of good marks in school, if it is legible; of course with right answers only. J

It is a visual imprint of our subconscious.

All those “Human beings” who believe destiny can be read, perceived and even changed has worked and still working extensively on that and find out this method of magical and very accurate perception of ones personality. And, not just that, they even claim that one may change the persona thus one’s destiny by changing their handwriting.

I am being one of them. Would like to discuss this very simple “cheat code” of mind’s programming here.

Write a page on a plain white sheet with a pencil and look at it. If it is legible clear organized then you are a legible clear and organized person. If not then it’s about time you go back to handwriting books and start practicing, to make it clear and organized.

Watch out your ‘t’ s and ‘i ‘ s Their bar its height and slant and dot its presence and absence tells a lot about you. A person with all ‘i’ ‘s dotted has an eye for detail. And a high bar in t speaks of high goals and high self-esteem. Watch out if it is cut in center or just touching left or right margin. ‘Left margin ‘ – ‘you live in past’; ‘Right margin ‘ you are a future person. But the margin in center speaks for present.

Hey you can change it and with that your tendencies.

Do you know? Your ‘j’, ‘y’, and ‘g’ ‘s lower loops not just talk about your sexual tendencies but they tell about your financial tendencies too, into different areas of your life.

While we are at it, let’s make our ‘o’ s perfectly rounded with no loops either side left or right which comes as a habit from cursive writing. Stop it immediately. It could give you troubles related to stomach area and some very damaging behavioral issues.

And your Signature it opens the secret of your mind as to how you want to present yourself to the world or in other words who you think you are. Now friends this is a very important area since what we think we are is what we create for ourselves; cause to everything we decide for ourselves, ‘good or bad’ universe has only one word:- “yes dear”

So beware.

  1. Do not cut your self (oops your signature) by any line, up or down.
  2. And getting your signature or first letter, inside a loop a big no – no.
  3. Slanting downwards; stop right there, and change it.

Be very clear, legible organized oh yes that line beneath!, it is good, provided, it’s not touching any letter. And please, no full stops in front of your name. However, dots below that supporting line are good.

For more details I ll refer you to this you tube video.

Interview of none other than Vimla Rodgers.

Vimla Rodgers is the author of the book:

Your Handwriting can Change Your life”

Here is the tool and I wish you all the best.

Love and Life



Time or Life

One stone to another, This water is flowing, Air is moving and even shrubs and trees are coming and going. We are the only one unchanged and same: not even moving anywhere . Lying here Simply; and just looking.

Feels saddened, left behind.

Other Stone laughed watch it closely its not water its time flowing by and now look at yourself clearly. you are not same either you are changing with every ruffle of time and its flow; its variety is leaving a mark on you. You are not same as what you were a moment ago; yet the changes are so subtle they are well hidden before they get accumulated. And one fine day when you get time from watching others and your admiration and  criticism of outside world takes break, you look at yourself and realise I am changed.

First one asked puzzled and there is not a thing we can do about it ?

To change! Nope not at all but to decide how to change Yes! thats your choice, the way you role, which part you want to glow and which you want to leave a little thick yes that you may.

But how will I decide if it is the right way to change?

Oh no you don’t initially, but by and by you get a hang of it and know exactly what, when and how will things changed. Hey but don’t be too caught up: Unimagined things happened when we are most sure of ourselves, said he laughing: so even though cherish your clarity. Be ready to accept things as naive child at every juncture of change.

What do we do? Enquired the first one.

Nothing we can neither stop this phenomenon nor slow it but, we can definitely navigate it.

So lets be mindful and Navigate this flow of time for our life and for our selves.

Love and light